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Common Problems 0121 Window Repairs fixes.....

Lock Failures

Locks can break for a variety of reasons. Age can wear down the mechanism or in some instances an attempted break-in can lead to faults. Often if a lock fails, it's an ideal opportunity to replace the whole mechanism for a more recent - and more secure - model. People often choose lock upgrades as a result of police or insurance company recommendation. 0121 Window Repairs can provide insurance estimates quickly with minimum fuss.

Misting / Misted Windows

Misting is a frequent problem on double-glazed units. Again, this can be due to age of the unit or sometimes by incorrect fitting. Repair involves the replacement of the failed glass pane or unit. All our new and replacement glass come with a five year guarantee on parts and labour in the unlikely event of a unit failing.

Failed Hinges

Once broken, the only remedy is to replace the failed part. As metal parts, older hinges are often prone to rusting due to exposure to the elements as the window is left open. Because of our experience and contacts within the industry we are able to source a wide variety of hinges and parts.

Broken Glass

We can replace broken glass quickly and efficiently. We're able to match existing tints and shading so you can be sure that the finished job looks every bit as good as the original.

Failed Handles

Once broken the only remedy is to replace the failed part. Because of the wide variety of handles available we are able to use over 15 years of contacts in the industry to source the exact parts you require or a suitable alternative.

Discoloured Door Panels

Some uPVC can discolour or yellow after so many years. However, this problem can be repaired by 0121 Window Repairs by fitting an updated panel insert into the door frame, giving the discoloured door a great new look

Conservatory Problems

One of the main problems with an older conservatory is that the roof is prone to leaks. This can be as a result of the weight of the conservatory itself pressing down on the overall loading of the construction, or even deterioration of the seals around window frames. 0121 Window Repairs can replace seals in this instance.

Conservatory roof replacements

Many people are opting to change their conservatory roof from glass panels to traditional slate. This negates the room becoming too warm in summer and too cold in winter, so the room can be a functional additional space rather than one which is seldom used.

Patio rollers replaced

Sometimes patio rollers can become stiff over time due to rusting or old age. This can mean the patio doors are difficult t operate. We often carry the parts needed to remedy this, which can leave your patio system operating as new again.

Patio tracks replaced

Patio tracks can become loose over time,or worn down. Again, this can mean they are difficult to open and close, and force may need to be used. A new set of tracks can leave the system operating freely and easily again.

Cat flaps fitted

We can easily fit a cat flap within a UPVc panel in a door, and can s upply the cat flap or are happy to fit one supplied by the customer.

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